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Top Destinations



Australia is always the best option when looking for a new place to explore. Costwise it serves as the closest destination for Fiji Citizens.

Hong Kong


Thinking of rugby ? Hong Kong has always been the Mecca of Sevens rugby and a name synonymous with all Fijians around the world. Contact us for details on a Hong Kong 7s Package

United States of America


Land of the Stars and Stripes. This has always been on every Fijians wish list ever since Clint Eastwood appeared on Fijian Television Screens.

Our Services

Online Booking Engine (New)


We offer our clients the best options when it comes to booking flights. With our new booking engine, we provide far more than your average Travel Agent.

Visa Consultation Services


Second to your flight booking, you should always have your Visa beforehand. We offer you that piece of mind where we take care of it all.

Complex Itinerary Help


Have a complicated trip ? We provide our clients with the best travel consultants in Fiji. With over 50 years in the travel industry.

Corporate Services


Not only a retail agent, but we also offer specialized corporate services to help manage you travel expenses and save on better deals.

Package Deals


We're pretty well-known round these parts, so you can count on us to put together a great package deal locally or if you're looking to travelling out of Fiji.

Personalized Services


We like to get personal. Don't blame us! Its what makes us special.