Packaged Holidays

Travel has evolved in many ways and one of the most notable changes is the way that consumers travel. Packaged Travel provides a very time and cost efficient way of travelling. Whether your travelling as a family or as a group. Bundling your travel together may cost you a lot less then booking it separately.

How We Help You ?



Flights are either booked through our Amadeus GDS system or using a upcoming Online Booking Engine.

Each Flight booking is chosen for cost and efficiency so you can rest assured that we have your comfortability in mind.

Especially if you're looking to travel in or out of Fiji during the holidays.



We don't intend to leaving your hanging when you do your bookings with us.

So we ensure that transfers and wherever possible tours are also included to add a bit more "Spice" to your holiday.

Transfers are mostly Airport to Hotel and vice versa.



The one thing some have a bit of trouble with is accomodation and when you're trying to put together a package for your family or group. It can be a daunting exercise.

Luckily, we have certain arrangements with hotels or resort around the world to not only give you the best price but also save you the hassle of putting together a package.

Sports Packages


We appreciate the fact that there are many sporting events happening all over the world.

Macquarie Travel ensures that we do our best to support your passion whatever the reason.

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